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Dealing with family trauma—while building a family business

feat. Matt Daley, Co-founder and CME of Circulate

In this episode...

Matt is a big believer in micro-moments, small decisions with the power to alter the course of your life, for better or worse. Despite a distant and challenging relationship with his mum, he still values the power of family ties, running Circulate with his brother, Danny.

He’s learned a lot from his early days in the industry. Empathy and flexibility are foundational to his leadership style, far from the rigid, target-orientated approach he now realises was contributing to a toxic workplace culture. He’s now open to feedback wherever he can get it.

You’ll hear about his experience of launching a business with a family member, how he manages the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, and why company culture is about more than an office pool table.

About the guest

Matt Daley is Co-founder and CME at Circulate Digital. With his experience across a variety of paid social media and search roles, it’s no wonder that Circulate is the highest-ranking digital ads agency in the UK. He also gets free rent at his favourite co-working space after getting a tattoo of their logo.

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