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Living with anxiety—and growing with it

feat. Hannah Meredith, Health & Wellbeing Partner at MVF

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For Hannah, anxiety is more than just mental. Restlessness, shortness of breath, and a racing heartbeat all flare up when she’s busy, a physical reminder that there are boundaries to be kept.

Despite suffering with anxiety since childhood, Hannah was only diagnosed in her late twenties. It was an enlightening moment—and as MVF’s Health & Wellbeing Partner, her experiences have helped her foster a culture of empathy and openness.

You’ll hear more about the techniques Hannah uses to manage her anxiety, how she’s supporting the expanding team at MVF, and why more employees taking mental health days can actually be a good thing.

About the guest

With over a decade in the industry, Hannah knows all about creating a supportive and empowering workplace culture around mental health. Her health and wellbeing strategy that she developed as Health & Wellbeing partner at MVF, ‘Be Well’, has won multiple awards.

About Oliva

Oliva is the employee mental wellbeing platform for companies who want to properly care for their people, and help them grow.

By combining proper therapy courses, coaching (the good kind), dedicated support for managers, and mental fitness classes—all led by a curated team of top professionals—Oliva helps employees respond to whatever hurdles life throws at them: big or small, at work and beyond.