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Coming out aged 40—at home & at work

feat. Garry Senff, Head of HR at FirstGroup

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To Garry, life felt like standing at the top of a diving board. He knew he could climb down, uninjured. But he also knew that he’d always be looking up at the board and wondering what could have been. It was time to take the plunge.

So in the space of a week, Garry finally left the police after over a decade in the force—and came out as gay to his partner and kids. He now works in HR, surrounded by people expressing their identities with freedom. 

You’ll hear more about Garry’s experience of coming out to his family, how lockdown helped him assess ways he could better care for himself, and why he’s keen to celebrate every achievement, however small.

About the guest

Garry Senff spent over a decade in the police force, before taking the plunge with a new people-focussed career, where he’s currently Head of HR at FirstGroup.

On the way, he’s trained as a wellness coach, a mental health first aider, and is a self-confessed journaling evangelist.

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